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Why are Foster Grandparents important? By offering love and support, Foster Grandparents forever change the lives of the children they serve and their own lives as well. Children and senior volunteers alike benefit from the inter-generational relationship. The relationship developed between the Foster Grandparent and those they serve is the heart of this program. The intangible benefits of being a Foster Grandparent are immeasurable. 

Join the program today and see what a win-win opportunity this is for the volunteers and those they serve!

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Becoming a volunteer is easy and rewarding with the following requirements:

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Quotes About the Program

Are you thinking about becoming a Foster Grandparent volunteer? Get inspired by grandparents and students who are truly grateful and passionate about the program! We hope you choose Foster Grandparents of Greater Siouxland.

“The impact our Foster Grandparent has with children is huge. Time doesn’t allow a classroom teacher to meet with every child, every day one-on-one. Our Foster Grandparent can have that contact daily. The Foster Grandparent’s greatest strength is their love and compassion, and how they work with and help the students succeed.”

A Foster Grandparent Site

“Serving as a Foster Grandparent makes me happy that I can help others and feel useful again. The stipend I earn from this program helps me with living expenses. Sometimes, we Foster Grandparents are the only constant in the students’ lives. We give them encouragement when they stumble and praise when they achieve.”

A Foster Grandparent

“If I can just help one child, it will be worth it.”

A Foster Grandparent

“15 years ago, I said I’d give it a try – and I am still doing it!”

A Foster Grandparent

“Being a Foster Grandparent gives me a reason to get up in the morning.”

A Foster Grandparent

“I never expected to be loved and needed as much as I am.”

A Foster Grandparent

"Dear Grandma, I think you already know this but you were a big help in kindergarten and a blessing to my life."

A Foster Grandparent Student

“I hope they will remember I truly love and care about each little boy or girl.”

A Foster Grandparent

“I never knew how great it was going to be.”

A Foster Grandparent