Senior Companions

The Senior Companion Program of Greater Siouxland provides stipend volunteer opportunities for limited income seniors over 55 to make a difference in the lives of other adults through assistance and friendship and give back to their communities. Join the program today and see what a win-win opportunity this is for the volunteers and those they serve! Currently, our Senior Companion Program of Greater Siouxland serves Lyon, Osceola, Sioux, O’Brien, Plymouth, Woodbury and Monona counties. Senior Companions

  • Serve as companions to those who are frail or have chronic health needs by providing supportive friendship as well as respite care for caregivers.
  • Use their life experiences in providing assistance, support, love and companionship.
  • Assist other adults to help them remain living independently
  • Volunteer 15-40 hours each week
  • Make their neighborhood stronger by remaining active in their community and helping other adults remain living independently.
  • Benefit physically, mentally, and emotionally from being needed and staying active.
  • Volunteer Benefits
  • Flexible scheduling and time off
  • Companionship with fellow seniors
  • Love received from other adults they serve
  • Tax-Free stipend averaging over $200 a month provided to those who meet financial guidelines.
  • Reimbursement for meals and transportation costs
  • Monthly training sessions
  • Become a Volunteer Becoming a volunteer is easy and rewarding with the following requirements:
  • Be 55 years of age or older
  • Have a genuine love for others
  • Be able to volunteer at least 15 hours per week
  • Submit an application and schedule an interview
  • Complete screening and background process
  • Complete orientation training
  • Click here for a Senior Companion Volunteer Application Form

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call or stop by one of our offices: Senior Volunteer Programs –Senior Companion Offices

1510 14th Street 4200 War Eagle Drive Rock Valley, IA 51247 Sioux City, IA 51109 Ph: 712-476-2628 Ph: 712-224-2610 Fax: 712-451-6889 Fax: 712-224-2617 Email: Become a Client

Are you interested in becoming a client? Are you in need of someone to come into your home and provide some additional support? The Senior Companion Program of Greater Siouxland is a FREE program for adults who are over the age of 21 and live alone and/or are at risk of being institutionalized. Client Eligibility Who may be a client? Clients may have just been discharged from an acute care hospital or a long term care facility and need assistance in adjusting to independent living again.

  • Clients may have loneliness, depression, or may be physically frail.
  • Clients may have caregivers who need respite to prevent a breakdown in household capability.
  • Clients may be terminally ill and need additional support to maintain dignity and independent living.
  • Many client referrals come from home health care agencies, acute and long term care facilities, family members, and concerned neighbors. Who may not be a client? Individuals who are not orientated to person, place or time that do not have a full time caregiver.
  • Individuals who are physically or verbally abusive.
  • Individuals not capable of self-preservation in an emergency and/or have an unsafe home environment.
  • Individuals actively abusing alcohol or drugs. If you are interested in becoming a client, contact your nearest Senior Companion Program office at 712-476-2628 (Rock Valley) or 712-224-2610 (Sioux City) or your home health care agency or social worker. Appropriate Activities
  • Conversation
  • Reminiscing
  • Playing Cards/Games
  • Assist with Letter Writing
  • Reading
  • Taking Walks/Exercise
  • Sharing a Meal
  • Gong along to recreational, social, or personal activities
  • Transportation to approved appointments
  • Provide an extra eye to notice when the client needs extra care
  • Develop a friendship that can last a lifetime
  • Provide respite care for caregivers
  • Meet on a regular weekly basis or as specified in client care plan
  • Other activities as specified in the client’s care plan

Make a Difference by Impacting other Adults, Your Community, and Yourself as a Volunteer Why are Senior Companions Important? By offering love and support, Senior Companions forever change the lives of the adults they serve and their own lives as well. Adult served receive much needed love, caring, and assistance through one-on-one attention. Senor Companions remain active and engaged with knowing they are needed and make a difference in their communities. Adults served and senior volunteers alike benefit from the relationship. The relationship developed between the Senior Companion and those they serve is the heart of this program. The intangible benefits of being a Senior Companion are immeasurable.